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How Playing Online Bingo Can Improve Your IQ

How Playing Online Bingo Can Improve Your IQ

Mention the phrase online bingo and the very first thing that pops into our head could be the image of an old  woman sitting in a large, smoke-filled, shabby room with numerous bingo cards disseminated before her. It may be hard to imagine Darwin or Einstein sitting beneath a tree marking off numbers with a [...]

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Getting the Most Out of Bingo Review Sites

Getting the Most Out of Bingo Review Sites

Online bingo has experienced an enormous boom across the world and is a favorite hobby of a vast multitude people. This means that there are more and more options for bingo players out there who wish to play online. Bingo Knights, Bingo Blitz, Facebook’s Bingo Bash, and other bingo sites may come to mind. However, [...]

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The Most Popular Online Bingo Software Providers

The Most Popular Online Bingo Software Providers

Many online bingo players have probably pointed out that many bingo sites have exactly the same “look” or “feel” to them. There is a logical basis for this. Many bingo sites are part of a network and the bingo company uses the same or similar software for the sites within a certain bingo network

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Bingo Avatar Review

Bingo Avatar Review

Bingo Avatar is an online Bingo site where people have the opportunity to get plenty of great gifts & prizes. Unfortunately, some of their jackpots are derived from the number of people playing and other factors, so sometimes jackpots may run a little low. In fact, it’s possible sometimes to play in an area where [...]

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The State of Online Bingo

The State of Online Bingo

Due to the world wide web, activities like online bingo are actually only a few clicks of the mouse away! Online bingo games are played by countless bingo players from all over the world. Initially bingo players only had the ability to play in specific locations, like bingo halls, where they might play a game [...]

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A Review of Bingo Palace

A Review of Bingo Palace

BingoPalace supplies a reasonable bingo hall experience using the best computer software available. All of their games are simple and an easy to take part in. They feature both web based instant (thumb) bingo and a download type for people who wish to play that way. This means you can select the type which you [...]

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  • how to play bingo

    Funnily enough, Bingo was formerly known as "beano". Beano originated as an Italian country game, the name of which was derived from the fact that the players would place raw, uncooked beans on the spaces as the numbers were called.

    Beano then migrated to France, where it then became known as "le Lotto".

    Several years later, in the 19th century, the game was adopted by the Germans, who used it as a tool to increase the effectiveness of certain school lessons.

    Eventually, the game reached the United States in the early part of the 20th century. Originally still played under the name of beano, the game was quickly adoped by a toy peddler named Edwin Lowe. After working with a college professor to increase the overall variations of possible numbers, he began marketing the game under the name we know it, "Bingo".

    Bingo quickly spread throughout the United States, and it became especially popular at Catholic churches due to its ability to help generate Church income. Bingo is even today one of America's most popular games, and has become a multi-million dollar a week industry.

  • online bingo boom

    Online bingo was first introduced in the year 1996. It seems only natural that this game would be adopted by the internet, given its widespread popularity before the dawn of the internet during the past several centuries. While the demand for playing bingo online was present, given the limited availability of users with an internet connection and a computer, online bingo was somewhat slower to take off than might be expected.

    However, as more people in the United States began actively using the internet, a rapid increase - a boom, even - took place.

    Rather than taking place in a large bingo hall with a live bingo caller, online bingo was played using a random number generator (between 1 and 75, or 1 and 90, depending on the type of bingo being played). These automated games even had a human element to them as well, as many online bingo sites hosted a live chat room in which the players could chat and interact with each other.

    One large contributing factor to the success of online bingo was the promise of a bonus for new players signing up and making deposits. The concept of "free" money was a great incentive to players who found themselves considering whether or not to try playing bingo online.

    Although the online bingo boom is perhaps over, it is still maintaining a steady base of loyal players. With the prevalence of Facebook and other Social networks, online bingo has had the opportunity to preserve its place as a popular online past time.

  • playing bingo tips

    While bingo has evolved over the years to include many more game types than the original, the overall strategies to win at bingo have remained the same. Some of the tried and true techniques for offline bingo include:

    • Bringing Tape: it is oftentimes difficult to manage all of your bingo cards without getting them all mixed up. Bringing tape ensures that you will be able to keep all of your cards in one place, and won't have to worry about them sliding around the table as you try to see if one of your numbers was called.
    • Don't Drink Too Much: if you are at a bingo hall, casino, or other place where alcohol may be present, do your best not to indulge too much. Becoming even slightly intoxicated can make it more difficult to keep track of your cards, listen for numbers, and overall have a negative impact on your mental functions.
    • Keep Your Cards Manageable: never play with more cards than you can effectively manage. If you have too many cards, you may lose track of which numbers you have and forget to mark off a square. That's never good!
    • Take a Break: bingo is a ton of fun, but even though you're having fun doesn't mean that you shouldn't take an occasional break. Taking breaks can help refresh your mind and keep you focused during games. If you get all frazzled and worn out, you won't be able to concentrate as much as you need to.
    • Scan the Second Column: if you find yourself playing several cards at one time, look at the second digit of two digit numbers first. The reason for this is because if you are looking for the number 46, you can check a number for a 6 first. If it doesn't have a 6 you don't have to waste anymore time looking at the number; you can move right on to the next number that may have a 6.

    Learn more about how to play offline bingo!
  • best online bingo sites

    Playing bingo online is a little different than playing offline bingo. As such, it presents several considerations that must be taken before diving in. Here are some of the most important things to keep in mind when playing online bingo:

    Which Bingo Site Should I Play At?

    Given the huge boom online bingo experienced several years ago, you are presented with a multitude of places where you can play. The trick here is to find the website that has the best reputation or the best sign-up bonuses. It is highly recommended that you do your due diligence, since as with any industry with a lot of consumers, there will be websites that may try and scam you out of your money. Do some research on any site before you sign up to play.

    Free or Paid Bingo?

    Sometimes it's fun to play bingo just for fun, or with play money. There's no risk (but no reward), so you don't have to worry about losing any of your moeny.

    However, if you would like to play online for real money, then you will be faced with some risks - not only losing your money due to misfortune, but also due to those websites who may have been created just to scam you scam you. Be wary!

  • bingo hall etiquette

    A big part of playing bingo is being a good sport. This includes being polite and courteous to others. As with any game or sport with a wide following - such as golf, for instance - there are certain things that bingo players consider to be proper and improper etiquette. Here is a lit of a few:

    • Don't be too noisy: bingo halls are loud already, and if you are sitting at your table chatting it up with your partner, you may be making it difficult for others - as well as yourself - to hear the numbers that are being called. Have fun and talk, but don't be loud and obnoxious.
    • Never interrupt the caller: the caller is probably the most important person in the room. That means don't yell out "BINGO!" while they are in the middle of a sentence. If you do have a Bingo, then quickly scan your card to make sure you really have one, and then after the caller is done, announce your victory!
    • Be Flexible: certain bingo players may have preferred "lucky" seats that they always sit in. If somebody comes up to you and politely asks you to move, be courteous and give up your seat. However, if you have a seat that you specifically want - maybe you even came early to make sure you got it - don't be afraid to politely decline their request.
    • House Etiquette: some, if not most, bingo halls have etiquette that is specific to their location. They will probably have a sign explaining these rules, or the caller will announce these rules before the game begins. Just be aware and alert, and you'll do fine!

    More on bingo hall etiquette!

  • how to win at bingo

    If you are ready to get serious about playing bingo, then you need to check out The Bingo Confidential Report right now! This book is chock full of useful information on how to play bingo SMART! Bingo is a game of chance, but that doesn't mean that you can't take steps to dramatically increase your chances.

    This book has everything you need - whether you are a beginner or a seasoned expert - to ramp up your bingo skills. As an extra bonus, this book goes over strategies that can be applied not only to traditional, offline bingo, but to online bingo as well. Imagine sitting at your desk or in the bingo hall with this trusty resource right there beside you - you would be unstoppable!

    We also consider another scenario in this book: perhaps you've been employing the correct strategies all along. Perhaps you have Bingo down to a science, but you just aren't winning. This makes no sense, right? Perhaps you have unknowingly been playing in RIGGED BINGO GAMES! Perhaps people have somehow been cheating you out of your money and you haven't even realized it! It can happen to anyone who is not keeping an eye out for signs of a foul bingo game.

    We go over all the signs that a bingo game is crooked, and share them with you in the Bingo Confidential Report. Nobody deserves to be cheated, and we clearly explain how to avoid being cheated at bingo in our ultimate bingo guide.

    Bingo is inherently a game about numbers and mathematical probability. While it is a game based heavily on luck, there's no doubt that some numbers sometimes show up more often than other numbers. There are also ways in which you can read your card(s) faster and more accurately to ensure that you never miss a number or accidentally yell out "Bingo!" when you really don't have one. We take you, step by step, through all the techniques that can make you a better bingo player.

    If you're ready to start winning more bingo games, then you need to click the following link: The Bingo Confidential Report!